Cair Swing 360°
An additional security

A full range of infusion sets
equipped with a rotating male luer

The rotating male luer,
a new type of luer lock connection



360° rotation

Comfort of care

Solidity of the assembly

Strengthens patient safety

Due to the 360° rotating mobile ring,
every device of in the Cair Swing range follows the patient’s movement

Extensions M/F with 3-way stopcock

Simple extensions

3-way stopcocks

Recommendations for use

Before connection to the patient, check that all the channels are closed or connected to another device. Regular checking (at least once a day) of the
screwing of connections and caps is recommended.
The extension sets are guaranteed for a maximum of 7 days use, but their renewal should respect the protocols in force in your establishment.

Bibliography :
Europharmat, Fiche de bon usage – L’Embout Terminal – 2006

Cair Swing and Neutraclear™ :
Sterile, single use, medical devices, class IIa. CE0459.
No latex – DEHP (DOP), BBP, DBP, DIBP and DHP are not part of composition of our products.
The residual level of these substances conforms the REACH regulation (<0.1% m/m).
For more information, please refer to the technical sheet of each product category/reference. Manufactured by Cair LGL.


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